Groove Music to get Visualizer, Equalizer and more customization option in Playlist


It has been 2 years since Microsoft launched Windows 10 along with many new stock app such as Groove Music, Movies and TVs and more. In this 2 year all stock apps are blown it’s on way; but Groove Music app still have lack of features. But not any more.

Microsoft working on some of the most requested features such as visualizations, equalizer and other customization option in playlist. As reported by Thurrott Microsoft working on these feature for a while now and it will be available for the Windows Insider in the Fast Ring soon. They also reported some of these features are already present in the app, just waiting to be activated.

Remember that old Visualizer in the Windows Media Player? Yep those animated images; they are coming back with Groove Music. In case if you don’t know this animated images are based on the song you are listening. There will be 2 types of visualizations. This visualization can be configured to show during the entire play session or alternate after each song.

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All new Equalizer feature finally making it’s way to Groove Music. It will allow users to change amplitude of music. There will be 5 frequency band groupings ranging from low to high. For each group you can adjust different decibels ranging from -12 to +12. And Just like Spotify Microsoft also adding auto-generated playlists “Fresh on Friday” and “Today’s Picks” to Recommended page.

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Microsoft also working on to deliver more customization option to the playlist. Along with title we will soon be able to change the art of album by taking a custom photo or uploading an existing and customize with built-in inking controls. Furthermore they are also integrating the functionality which allow users to share playlist on Facebook and Twitter.

At this moment it’s not clear to say when this major update will arrive. Weather or not these feature will be available for Windows 10 Mobile or not? We’ll soon hear more information about it from the company. We are expecting that these feature will arrive with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which is scheduled for September 2017.

  • Timz

    As of now, the visualizer either never made it to Groove music or was removed. Shame