Google brings Chrome Installer to Microsoft Store; It makes NO sense


[UPDATE DEC 20, 2017: Microsoft pulls Google Chrome installer from Microsoft Store; as it violates Microsoft Store policies]

So we might not get iTunes to Microsoft Store this year. But Google brings Chrome Installer to Microsoft Store!

As we all know lack of Google apps for Windows platform obviously affect the Microsoft (one way or another). At least for the Windows 10 Mobile. And Google never had have plans to bring any native Universal Windows Platform apps to Microsoft Store. However for some “mysterious” reason they launched “Chrome Installer” for Microsoft Store.

Image source: Microsoft Store

As you expect all this app can do is just install Google Chrome. It is just a web wrapper that lets you install Google’s web browser on your Windows 10 PC. This might be useful for the users who don’t have admin privileges but want to install Google Chrome.

But that’s not only excuse to bring Chrome Installer to Microsoft Store? or is it? Most of the users still prefer win32 apps over Universal Windows Platform apps.

I did some digging into Microsoft Store Policy and found “Apps that browse the web must use the appropriate HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows Platform.” Well, I am not a lawyer but this doesn’t mean that Chrome Installer pass the review for Microsoft Store since it’s just installer.

In case if you are wondering, now you can install Google Chrome on Windows 10 S. NO! Chrome Installer is not available on Windows 10 S machines. This is very bizarre step. We still don’t understand why Google need to do this?

Is Google on the mission to completely banish Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer? Does this means Google’s eyes are on Microsoft Store? You think Google will launch any UWP apps in future? Let us know in a comment below.