Dell announced Dell Visor their first Windows Mixed Reality headset


After Acer, HP and Lenovo another Microsoft OEM partner announced their new Mixed Reality headset. Dell announced their first affordable mixed reality headset Dell Visor.

Dell Visor looks better and more comfortable compare to other mixed reality headsets. Headset has 1440 x 1440 resolution for each lens. It also offers 360 degree panoramic experience. Engineer designed an oval shaped ring which easily fits on your head and a hinge will automatically adjust the lenses.

Device also have support for the Microsoft’s VR controllers which was introduced at Build 2017 event. You will need a mixed reality compatible PC with Mixed Reality portal app on Windows 10 and a USB Type-C connector to unleash the power of Dell Visor. At Computex 2017 company reveal that Dell Visor is specially designed by focusing on company’s premium devices XPS and Alienware.

Dell Visor
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Jut like other headset, Dell Visor also offers an inside-out tracking cameras to reach complete flexibility with 6 degrees of movement in 3-dimensional space. Well pillowed padding for head and and face makes device more comfortable. Furthemore it also comes with anti-stain coating.

The overall build quality and engineering of Visor is much better than other mixed reality headsets. Dell Visor is priced at $349.99 and it will be available in upcoming months (October 2017). You can also get Dell’s VR controller at $99.99. It is expected that device will be available with new Windows 10 PCs running on Intel’s 8th-gen Core CPUs that will support VR content with only built-in integrated Intel graphics.