Confirmed: Microsoft to launch LinkedIn Universal Windows Platform app in ‘few weeks’


Microsoft acquired LinkedIn an employment-oriented social networking service about a year ago. And a while ago Microsoft pulled LinkedIn app from the Windows Store search.

And now users are receiving an email which confirm that the Microsoft to officially retiring the LinkedIn Windows Store app on August 31, 2017. But, as always user can use LinkedIn on Windows Phone via web browser; Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (if you are still on Windows Phone 8.1).

In same email they also confirmed that they are launching a new LinkedIn Universal Windows Platform app. Here’s the official email from the company which I received.

If you ever used the silverlight LinkedIn app then you know that it had lack of features and not a good design. User can’t even change their profile picture or search for anything.

But with the new Universal Windows app user will be able to access the full range of LinkedIn features, including search, profile editing, publish new pulse and more. Not much info about this available about the app at this moment. But we’ll soon hear an official announcement of it in following week.


Are you looking forward to universal windows platform of the app? Let us know in a comment below. And stay tune to Insiders Arena for more update.