BitPay released official Bitcoin wallet app for Windows Phone


BitPay has announced an official Bitcoin wallet app for Windows Phone users. This wallet application integrates easy to use and security of the Copay wallet app. It is along with BitPay’s better consumer payments ecosystem and good for prepaid Visa debit card for Bitcoin users.

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Earlier, Microsoft added the BitPay Bitcoin technology platform to Azure platform, and now the company is bringing a new Bitcoin Wallet app into the Windows Store.

BitPay app has added many key features in this wallet app. The app contains multiple bitcoin wallet creation and management. This wallet app has integrated for buying gift cards. There is one key feature is Payment protocol, it helps you to identify payment requests easily and verifiably secure Bitcoin payments.

You will also received email and push notifications for payments and transfers. This latest version also supports up to 150 currency pricing options and unit denomination in BTC or bits. Also, support for Bitcoin testnet wallets. You can also customize wallet naming and background colors. This wallet app does not only come with new branding features but also improved security.

You can download the Bitpay Bitcoin wallet app from Windows Store.