Asus introduces their own Windows Mixed Reality headset


After Acer, HP and Dell; Asus introduces their own Windows Mixed Reality headset. At IFA 2017 company introduces “ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset”.

The design of the Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset looks like Microsoft HoloLens. Though the front of headset looks so cool, front of headset wraps with 3D Polygon shells. 3D Polygon shell distributes headset’s 400 gram weight across forehead.

Just like Dell Visor ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset sports 14400 x 1400 panels for each eyes, 90 frame rate and 2 cameras for inside-out tracking. Company uses quick drying antibacterial materials to avoid sweat-related germs. Furthermore, device also supports Microsoft’s VR controllers which was introduced at Build 2017 event.

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It uses only 2 inside-out tracking cameras with with 6 degrees-of-freedom position tracking. Device does not require any external sensors or additional software. The design quality and engineering of headset is really great. Headset looks so comfortable to wear and company’s balanced-crown design helps to reducer pressure on your head and nose, which makes it more premium device.

Sane as Dell Visor, ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset is priced at $350 and it will be available in upcoming months. The headset will work with apps from the Microsoft store and SteamVR. It is expected that company’s upcoming device will engineered by focusing on Windows Mixed Reality. Asus might launch new laptop by end of the year with Intel’s new 8th-gen Core i-series CPUs and headset will be available along with that.