After Apple-iTunes and Spotify, WhatsApp is also bringing its desktop app to the Windows 10 store sooner


As we know Windows Store had a pretty good month so far due to some huge announcements made by Microsoft at Build 2017. Last week w Microsoft announced that iTunes is coming to the windows store making it the first Apple app to be available from windows store. In addition, they also spoke about Spotify-which is very good app itself, to be available at Windows store. But now at the Build 2017 last week, they announced that a big desktop app is coming to Windows store: Whatsapp. which will change the view about using the desktop app like Whatsapp itself.

At Build 2017 last week, having an announcement that Whatsapp will be available as desktop app sooner in windows store; a listing of the WhatsApp has recently popped up on the Windows Store, indicating that the app will soon be available for Windows 10 PCs very soon. As we know it’s just windows’ classic desktop app which can be used as web wrapper of whatsapp web.

In addition, it can be said that the WhatsApp Desktop app is very powerful — you can share photos, videos, documents, and do a lot of the other things using the app. Of course, you will need your phone connected to the internet for the app to actually work as we were doing in whatsapp web so it is still a bit annoying in some scenarios. Interestingly, the WhatsApp Desktop app on Windows 10 has the default Windows 10 icons (Segoe MDL2 icons) rather than the ones used by WhatsApp Web, and that’s a pretty nice touch for sure.

It’s not sure that when the Company is planning to launch their windows app, but we’ll definitely update you as soon as Company makes any announcements. so till then stay tuned to InsidersArena.