Apple to bring iTunes to the Windows Store


Today, at second day of the Build 2017 event, Microsoft announced the new major update for the Windows 10. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will bring so many new features and enhancements. In addition Microsoft revealed that Apple to bring the iTunes to the Windows Store soon.

Bringing the iTunes to the Windows Store is surely a big move. Till today iTunes is the major desktop apps user often install on new PCs owing to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone (me? No). In addition to this, iTunes is the only portal on Windows that Apple users can access purchased content from the music and movie stores on iOS and Mac OS.

Though, it’s not clear that how Apple will bring the iTunes to Windows Store. Maybe they could use the Project Centennial and port their win32 app directly to the Windows Store or they could use Project Islandwood to port their iOS app to the Windows Store and make UWP app.

Bring 2 of the most used music app Spotify and iTunes to Windows Store is surely a big win-win moment for Microsoft. We will soon hear more information about it from the Apple and maybe company will release the beta version of the app soon. Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more update.