2 new Windows 10 mixed reality apps shows up in Windows Store


It’s almost been a year since Microsoft launched HoloLens, and now company’s partners learned from it and built their own Windows 10 augmented reality headsets. 2 of Company’s Partners HP and Acer now launched their own apps for the Windows 10 Mixed reality headsets.

Well of course these apps don’t have something special which blow things away. These apps are so simple and designed in order to help user to understand and help them to set up the device and demonstrate what is actually is this and what is it capable of!

Image Source: microsoft.com

Not much information available for the app; but an app from HP named Device Companion Application’s describe same thing as I mentioned above. Furthermore as far as I know HP haven’t launched any mixreality headset that means we are about to get one in upcoming future. Well of course these apps might works across the device, but we are not so sure about it.

Talking about Acer then company already introduced their Mix reality headset and it will be available in August 2017. And they also launched app for the same purpose.

In case if you don’t know recently Microsoft heavily investing the mixed reality platform. We also heard that Microsoft is working on a hybrid reality game which is yet to announce. Checkout HP’s Device Companion Application and Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD DCA app from Windows Store.