Yet another feature won’t make it with Windows 10 Fall Creators...

Windows Story Remix won't make it completely with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Some of its functionality will be missing.

UWP OneNote app receives major update for Windows 10 devices

UWP OneNote app receives major update for Windows 10 devices. Bring Smart Search, Text to math, more colors in highlighter and more.

Bitcoin Miner app receives update on Windows 10 mobile and PC

Bitcoin has updated to their full-fledged Bitcoin Miner app for Windows 10 devices. Update bring overall performance improvements and bug fixes.

Microsoft enabled Windows 10 S support for Surface Pro via Firmware...

Microsoft rolling out a new firmware update for the Surface Pro devices which enables supports for the Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 Mobile will also get Visualizer and Equalizer in Groove...

Here's the first glimpse of Visualizer, Equalizer and more and customization option in Playlist in Windows 10 Mobile Groove Music app.

Microsoft Photos app receives a major update for Windows 10

Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Creators update devices; Update bring video editing, image search option and more.

HP to give up on Windows Phone, Elite x3 successor will...

HP Elite x3 successor won't have Windows 10 Mobile. As Microsoft doomed Windows 10 Mobile, it makes no sense for any OEMs to build a new Windows Phone.

Microsoft to revamp with intelligent features and whole new design

Microsoft to revamp experience with new design and elements and more intelligent features.

Tuesday Patch bring update for all Windows 10 version

Latest Tuesday Patch bring update for all Windows 10 versions. Since this is the cumulative update so it doesn't bring any new features.

VLC UWP app updated for Windows 10 PC and mobile

VLC UWP app has updated for both Windows 10 PC and mobile devices.It received significance performance improvements and became more stable.

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